Alone We are Smart. Together We are Briliant

CampusOxide is a unique platform for Talent Curation and harnessing the skills of individuals. It is an attempt to bring Talent (Student), Academia and Professionals (Mentors) and Corporate world together. The corporate world needs to engage students with a mentor approach and not "spoon feed" approach as it may lead to pretentious flock who will slip through the cracks but way short on learning through the ropes. It is productive to create learning opportunities via a project based assessment approach under mentor-ship of a more qualified academician, industry peer or even a free lancing IT professional. Having such an open but structured system will bring larger pool of students to the employable level. Such students will be ready with their understanding of the organization/technology and its application with almost real life working experience with Project based Engagements. The benefit of such engagement and subsequent hiring shall definitely bring the best talent on the surface and reduce the attrition among the "Fresher" when hired as per their interest aligned with the jobs assigned.

Co-Created Eco-System by/for Students, Academicians and Organizations
collective Intelligence in building your future prospects

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