How free project is different than Mentor suported project ?

A free project is a Project scope, which may not have a Mentor Support but as per the recent technology trends, it has been enlisted with us. A free project will have a onetime fee of INR 500/- (INR Five Hundred only) attached to it by the opting student.

A Mentor supported project is a project - which is supported by a Mentor - wherein, Student and Mentor engage with each other to deliver the project output. The two factors will define the Mentor's fee over and above one time Project fee of INR 500/- (INR Five Hundred only)

Can I suggest my own project and work on this ?

You can send a mail to projects@campusoxide.com about your and our team will review if it can be part of our project list or not - however, with the scope and complexity - a mentor can be assigned to the project. A free project fee can be applied here only in case you are not taking Mentor Support. With Mentor Support, additional Mentor fee will be applied.

What is the process to raise the dispute with mentor ?

You would need to raise it as dispute with us by updating it in project progress

CampusOxide will intervene to get this resolved or support to get you a different Mentor

In any case, your fee will be protected by CampusOxide and it will be reversed back post deducting the base fee of INR 500/- which is the minimum pay-out

However, It is responsibility of a student to raise the concern on time and at the earliest - when the problem arises

I awarded my project to different mentor by mistake , what is the process to change the mentor ?

You can notify it to the Mentor and projects@campusOxide.com. We will release the project from the backend after taking necessary confirmations

However, in such a case - the issue must be raised mandatorily before first Mentor connect session

Can I change mentor in mid of the project ?

This is a tough situation to be in and we wish that such situation should not arise

However, if such a situation arises - CampusOxide will sole arbitrator and our decision will be binding on Mentor and the Student

One must raise a dispute with us by stating clear reasons for disconnect.

Upon validation, we will decide on the way forward - Change of Mentor etc

On validation, we do not find it to be substantiated, yet the fee will be charged

In case the we substantiate your concern, then CampusOxide will reverse the remainder amount post deducting the free project fee of INR 500/-

You will be allowed to take a free project - without mentor support - enlisted with us

Whats would be the role and scope of work of the mentor ?

Mentor's scope of support is not on hands on coding and designating, but

S/He will help you with Projects - Project Plan Preparation - High and Low Level Design, UAT, finding relevant source for information, review your project progress and feedback on development stage wise.

In nutshell - A mentor will enable you to deliver a project by Coaching and guiding you in finding breakthrough solutions than demonstrating it to you.

Do companies list their live projects ?

Yes, we have company recommended projects

Why CampusOxide is charging 500 rs for free project ?

You will work as a trainee under professional services agreement. Based on your performance assessments - you may get a job opportunity with CampusOxide after completion of extended training period.

How it will increase my chances to get job ?

We are not job providers.

Intent and scope of CampusOxide is to give you a real-time experience of working on a project with professional approach.

At fresher level - you will acquire latest trend based technical skills

Apart from your college degree - A real work (Project) will be available to show case your talent and engage employers for employment opportunities

How Many project, I need to work on to get job in specific companies ?

As mentioned earlier - We not job providers. However,

A few companies have come up with specific hiring patterns.

In past - we were requested by one of our client to take students t

hrough us after delivering a successful project as retainers and after successful retainer ship program - students were hired

This may vary company to company

To sum it up, yes your whole hearted project completion work will open doors for you

Will CampusOxide give some job guarantee ?

No, we do not give any job guarantee. But we are certain - that this is the only way to get faster and better employment / appreciation / own brand

How you will test my project ?

Your project may be tested by the Organization / Mentor / CampusOxide team may the need be

We will allow you to host the program on our cloud space, where real time testing will be applied

Where I will work on my project , do I need to come to some office ?

The idea of CampusOxide is to allow you to work virtually But,

In few cases - Organizations may demand you to work at their premises

How you will confirm whether project deliverable are authentic one or fake ?

Latest tools are capable of finding copied work and the source as well. While projects will be hosted with CampusOxide, such tests will be applied by us

Will I get stipend ?

No, there will not be any payout to you. You will get a Project Completion Certificate only

CampusOxide is facilitating a learning eco-system for you with Organizational Projects and Mentors. Hence, CampusOxide will be charging you the fee.

How much I will get help from Mentor , what will be his scope of support ?

Mentor will guide and support you in following activities - Project Charter, Project Plan, High Level Design, Low Level design, Test Cases & Test Plan. Bug Report Sheet, Risk Management Sheet

While we have already suggested the scope for Mentor's support, A student and Mentor may specify and agree

Please note - that Mentor will not be doing hands on work for you

I can work on my project without Mentorship, do I still need to choose mentor to start on project ?

If a project is free - you can award the project and start working on it as there will be no Mentor Support

I am in my last sememster , how these project will help in getting job ?

Our project database is filled with latest technology based requirements. Your dedicated and sincere efforts will make you learn these, which are employable skills. Therefore, they will enhance your chances to get a job swiftly

I am in my intial semester, how it will help in my career ?

Working on projects is learning beyond your course curriculum. With your contributions on projects, you will be able to create your own brand identity and attract relevant stakeholders towards your work. This will enhance your chances of cross stream and boundless learning along with employment opportunities

I have made a payment and it is failed. What is the process to get it back ?

Please contact your bank for this. We do not get any failed transaction based amount and it resides with your service provider bank.

In case of our gateway issue, the amount will be automatically reverted to your bank with 5 working days

I am not technical strong to work on project alone , Can I work in team ?

We are not providing group projects. Idea is to enhance individual's technical exposure. Therefore, you must take help from a person who is a Subject Matter Expert in your project area. Please take Mentor supported project to bridge this gap

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